PBI UMSIDA held an International Guest Lecture with the theme “Best Practice of EVYL and EYL Programs and Implementation in International School” on Tuesday, November 21 2023.

The guest lecturer is a practitioner of English learning for children at international schools, namely Aprillia Surya Kusuma Dewi, Head Teacher of Cosmo Kids International Preschool, Tokyo. This activity was attended by all students and lecturers of the PBI study program. The event was directed by MC Dewi Nawang Wulan and began with remarks from the Dean, Dr. Septi Budi Sartika. She really appreciated the guest lecture activity, especially its benefits in supporting the internationalization of the UMSIDA PBI Study Program.

From the topic presented, Miss April gave the participants an overview of the English learning model given to pre-school and elementary school students. Both have differences due to  different characteristics and needs of students. At the conclusion of the material, three important things are conveyed for teachers and parents to pay attention to.

  • Early Exposure Matters

Start learning a language from a young age to take advantage of natural language acquisition.

Early exposure provides a strong foundation for future language proficiency.

  • Consider the Developmental Needs

Carry out careful examinations of children’s growth and maturation stages.

This involves understanding the physical, cognitive, emotional and social aspects of child development.

  • Emphasize the Importance of Flexibility and Adaptability

Young students learning English as an additional language may have different needs and responses, so educators must be ready to adapt to a dynamic learning environment.

From this activity, PBI UMSIDA students and lecturers received very important information from practitioners regarding how to prepare themselves to become professional teachers who have excellent quality up to the international school level.


You can watch the video of the Guest Lecture in the following link:

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