Archery Teaches Me A Lot of Important Lessons

This is the report of an interview with Dwi Wahyu Malasianingsih, a female anchor from English Department Umsida. To get closer with her, let’s read her profile through her answers.
# Why do you love your hobby?
I love it because this is a new sport that I have never tried before. I feel challenged to pursue this sport. What makes it interesting is that this sport at first glance does not seem to require a strong physique compared to other sports such as futsal and others. However, this sport requires high hand strength, strong footstool, and a high concentration when aiming at the target. This hobby teaches me how to be a strong person, not easy to give up. It is very important lesson for me when I face problems both academic and daily life.
# How do you practice it?
I joined the student activity unit in the archery sport on campus. Usually I practiced three times a week on campus 3 Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo.
# What achievement have you got?
In 2018, for the first time I ventured to take part in the competition in Jombang “Archery Tournament PHBN Piala Bupati Jombang”. Thank God, in the inaugural tournament I got first place. My second tournament was in 2019 in Surabaya, “KOMANDAN MENBANPUR 2 CUP” the war of arrow “, got the 1st place again.
# What is your message for Indonesian young generation?
Don’t be afraid to try new things and be different. When you dare to start you also have to finish it. whatever you want to achieve, the key is consistence.
From this interview session, we can learn that when we have a target, pursue it seriously. (fm)
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